Making Scented Candles

Most agree that candlelight is a pleasant addition to any room, but add a nice scent to that well-lit room and you have something special! Aromatic candles are found in our homes, retail shops, beauty spas and even restaurants where we enjoy the candlelight atmosphere and warmth.

Making fragrant candles can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The evenings you choose to work with are a manifestation of your uniqueness, so try to figure out which one you enjoy the most. The list of available scenes is endless, from light and flower to spicy and bold. You can decide to change your viscosity with the soil and spices during the flowering and holiday seasons in different seasons of the year.

When choosing your aromatic additives, try to stay away from water or alcohol-based solutions. They have a tendency to cling and do not mix well with candle wax. The essential oils of candle makers are optional, but make sure that the oil you choose is made to withstand the heat generated by the candle. nothing. Most craft stores have the right oil to display near wax, wicks and other supplies used in candle making.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite scent, it’s time to make your candles. Melt the wax in a double boiler (about 3 degrees F) and add a pigment to paint if you want. Add aromatic oils to the container or mold you are using just before the melting wax and drain well. Waiting until you are ready to wax will reduce the unnecessary evaporation of your fragrant oil.

Not only can your nose tell you how much oil you need to add, but you can start with an ounce of oil for every pound of wax. If this doesn’t create enough flavor for you, add 1 ounce of oil per pound of wax to the next candle. If you use a particularly strong scent, you can try adding 2-3 drops of oil per pound of wax.

Many beginner candle makers make the mistake of adding too much scent to their first candle. Not only does it give the aromatic room extra power, but it also gives the wax a crunch or peat that makes it difficult to remove from the mold. At one point, you will find exactly the right recipe for your candle project.

One word of advice – if you use the acrylic mold, be sure to read the label in the oil container you need to determine if the oil is not to be exposed to acrylic. Some will react with an acrylic material and spoil the smooth surface of the mold.

On occasion, you can enjoy the smell of a candle without the flame. Try warming a candle. This innovative little invention is designed to hold the aromatic pillar candle and heat the wax lightly from the base, allowing the scent to circulate in the air without illuminating the cane. You can find it at most craft stores that sell candles.

Fragrant candles are fun to make and will add a special touch to any room in your home, be it the faded smell of vanilla bean or ginger or the lilac of your bath in your kitchen. Your family and guests will appreciate the exquisite aroma as you go home. Do not forget about scented candles when you are trying to think of a free homemade gift … and you can say that they are made by yourself!