How to get rid of pet odors using candles

As a pet owner, I would do anything for the dog – special treats long walk, plenty of lovin ‘, you name it – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any incentives for having livestock family members in your home.

Cats and dogs can make a mess and just barely cause the odor in your home! The worst is that you can even become “nose blind” for the smell of the pet, meaning you don’t notice it but your guests see it.

So what will a pet owner do? There are just so many things you can clean and the smell is a completely natural part of having pets in your home.

I have tried many different products and it is completely possible to eliminate pet odors using pet odor candles and sprays. Let’s break down a list of possible odor sources in your home and come up with what might be best for solving your stinky situation.

Avoid any pet debris first

Candles and sprays can work wonders for your home pet odor, but if your pet has soil around the house on a regular basis, you will always fight a losing battle. If you need help permanently removing your dress, check out my article on the best pet urine cleaning products.

If pet waste is not completely resolved and taken care of, the bacteria will grow and worsen your problem over time.

It is also common sense, that the more often you change your cat’s litter box, the bacteria and the odor will subside within your home and less.

If you do have frequent accidents it would be wise to employ a capable carpet and upholstery cleaning company to professionally remove stains and odours, rather than covering them up with scented candles. We recommend upholstery cleaning Ringwood.

Get a good candle and place strategically

Next, let’s talk about candles. You might be thinking, “A candle is a candle”, but in reality, it didn’t. Candles come in two main varieties – paraffin candles (the common kind you see everywhere) and soy candles.

Soy candles smell pet

Soy candles have been gaining popularity lately because of their distinct advantages over paraffin candles. First, soy candles are a natural product made from vegetable oil and do not raise CO2 levels in the atmosphere during burning, where paraffin candles (made with petroleum oil)! Soy candles are also completely non-toxic and will not leave any bad chemicals when burned.

Now you’re wondering, there’s a catch – don’t these soy candles last long? Well, they actually last longer than paraffin candles! Soy candles usually slow down twice as long as you use your home for a couple of hours. Soy candles usually cost more upfront, but always a better bang for your animal

Now that you know what kind of candles to look for, think about where the best place to put them might be in your home. My top picks are –

  • At the main entrance to your home to give a good impression.
  • Your pet initially hangs in the vicinity of a litter box or anywhere.